Construction philosophy and projects

We’re free-thinking, not limited by a house style.
We’re all partners, finding solutions together.
We have world-class expertise.
We promise discovery and new possibilities.
We design to create a resilient legacy.


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En Isart Arquitectura, el diseño sostenible está integrado en todo lo que hacemos, y nuestros proyectos se centran en mejorar tanto el entorno construido como el natural.

Our design approach draws on an in-depth knowledge of the site and environment to incorporate sustainable principles, passive design and the use of durable and sustainable materials locally sourced.

An architecture studio that improves life through environmental consideration in its designs.

We design for the people first, we build spaces that are relevant to the place, and we forge connections giving a purpose into the building. 

We listen to you, create and transform your ideas into reality.

The current climate emergency situation forces us to rethink our way of living and relating to the environment.

In the building sector, this reflection is especially important since it is the sector responsible for 30% of CO2 emissions and one of the largest consumers of natural resources.

For this reason, from ISART and in collaboration with LIVE IN PASSIVE, we have connected to be able to build passive buildings. These are buildings built with practical thinking, adapted to the environment and that take advantage of the natural resources that are available to each project location to achieve comfortable conditions inside with the minimum of external resources.

The study is approved to issue the Passivehaus construction certificate, the most demanding construction standard in interior comfort and energy efficiency both for new construction and for rehabilitation. It guarantees that the consumption of the building is almost null or even positive, going from having energy-consuming buildings to buildings that produce energy.