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Status of the work: Feasibility studies

Size: m2 500

Year: 2022

City: Barcelona city centre

Description: Renovation and renovation with change of use

Use: Private Residential

Col.laborations: Partnership with Folch Architects

Refurbishment and renovation of a single-family building

The light


Connection spaces

Multifunctional areas

Integration old and new

Featured elements/distinctive staircase

The main idea of ​​the project is based on developing the following points:

– Resolution of the functional program, according to customer requirements, based on criteria of fluidity and connection of spaces.

– Obtaining light entrances through the vertical connecting spaces and the construction of double spaces.

– Fitting out of a landscaped roof with the obtaining of a multi-functional and playful space

– Integration of an image that combines respect for the historic building and the incorporation of a new minimalist architecture.



Basement floor: A lifting platform will be utilised for vehicle access to the underground car park. On that floor there will be as well the service spaces and a compartmentalised central space between gym and theatre.

Ground floor: The design criterion for this floor is the fluidity between the different spaces, the transparency from the access to a high-rise double space where the expressiveness of the staircase appears, combining the circular shape and the lightness of the glass. The idea of ​​this level is the continuity and relationship between the different spaces.

First floor: The structure is clear, four rooms at the corners and a central space that connects the front and rear facades, it will also connect with the ground floor through a double space where the staircase and dining room are located.

Second Floor: With the construction of a new high-rise ceiling, the suite will be the main piece, giving great expressiveness to the spaces.

Top floor: The light reflections are combined with the design of several platforms that reinterprets the classic rooftops of Barcelona, ​​giving the building an exterior dimension and crowning the complex with a pergola that protects from the sun and it gives privacy from neighbours.


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